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CONSTRUCTION and CONSULTANT Contracting Opportunities
The Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Engineering Branch is responsible for the bidding of construction and consultant service contracts for new facilities, improvements, renovations, repairs and maintenance of our transportation facilities that service Western New York. This site provides bidding and award information for our Engineering/ Contracting projects. If you are looking for other procurement opportunities such as for supplies, equipment and non-engineering services please use the Procurement link on the Home page. The Engineering and Procurement web sites are independent and require independent registration by you, if you use both.

Location Bid Date
    31LS2417 - LRRT - DL&W Riverwalk
DL&W Station, 164 Ohio Street, Buffalo, New York 14203
    10MG2341 - Metro - Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation 2024 - Portage Road Transit Center
1162 Portage Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14301
Bid No. E-607
    17MG2250 - Metro - Bus Wash Replacement at Garages
Babcock Bus Garage - 721 New Babcock Street, Buffalo, NY 14206
Cold Spring Bus Garage - 1547 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14209
Frontier Bus Garage - 1000 Military Road, Buffalo, NY 14216
Bid No. E-605
Bid Date Notice Type Notice Date
    31LS2423 - Metro Lafayette Square Station Rehabilitation
    11BT2259 - BNIA- Passenger Terminal Standby Power Expansion
Bid No. E-608
Amount Awarded Date Awarded Contractor
    14BM2101 - BNIA - Salt Barn Replacement
Bid No. E-604
James Dennis
Hybrid Building Solutions

We use BidGetter software to supply detailed project bidding information, including bid documents, Document Holder lists, individual Document Holder status, Bid Results, Addenda and other project specific information. Additionally, when you register you will have the option of receiving new project notifications based upon your areas of interest.
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For most projects the submission of online bids, proposals or information will be available. We encourage all site users to utilize this tool. Our site allows for your submission to be accomplished over multiple sessions. The larger projects will be divided into manageable categories in which bid progress can be saved for each category. Bids, proposals and information responses can be adjusted without limit until the due date and time. All online submissions must be completed and confirmed before they are considered valid. Valid responses will be confirmed with a Confirmation Number, Date and Time. For construction contracts that require bid security, it can be submitted in the traditional paper method or electronically via Internet-based Surety 2000.

For detailed information on how this process works view the referenced documents below:

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